How to share H5P content

This guide explains on how export H5P Content as HTML file and how to share it with your course.
If you want to know what H5P or Lumi is, or how you install Lumi, just click on the links.
Creating H5P is one thing. To make the H5P content available for your stundents another. Until now it was necessary to host the H5P content on a website in the internet. Lumi offers the possibilty to export your H5P Content as a single HTML file.
Just open the menu and click on "Export..."
Lumi: Export als Menü-Option
In the next step you give the HTML file a name and click on "save".
Lumis H5P Export Dialog
The generated HTML file can be distributed on any way. It doesn't matter if you send it via Email, WhatsApp, Dropxbox or a LMS. The HTML file can be opened by every browser.
H5P als HTML Datei